2.5-Hour Walking Tour: Central and Sheung Wan Exploration In Hong Kong

2.5-Hour Walking Tour: Central and Sheung Wan Exploration In Hong Kong

If you are interested in some great Walking Tours in Hong Kong, try taking 2.5-Hour Walking Tour: Central and Sheung Wan Exploration In Hong Kong

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The average duration for 2.5-Hour Walking Tour: Central and Sheung Wan Exploration In Hong Kong is 2 hours 30 minutes and cost $233 HKD (Hong Kong Dollars)
The overall rating of 2.5-Hour Walking Tour: Central and Sheung Wan Exploration In Hong Kong is stars.
From Central to Sheung Wan, the oldest districts were developed by the British in 1840s. The Tour is for the history explorers who are interested in discovering the stories of important events of Hong Kong. Follow your local guide and get to know Hong Kong by visiting many major attractions. You will be amazed by the local tales behind the facades of each building. In addition, you will also be entitled some complementary light refreshments in this tour.

Hong Kong is a small place in Asia with rich history as well as the mixed cultures of Eastern and Western. This 2.5 hours walking tour will take you to explore Central and Sheung Wan districts. Your tour guild will meet you at Statue Square at 2:00pm, and below are the places you are going to visit during this tour:

  • Statue Square: from the symbol of colonial governance to Hong Kong people’s core values. Listen to stories of the adventure of the Queen during World War II, as well as how trade, law and order have shaped the internal hub. The square’s users, a mix of locals and foreigners, make it uniquely Hong Kong.
  • Old Dairy Farm Depot: the heritage of Britons’ adaptation to lives in the Far East. Witness how Hong Kong became a centre of information exchange and how do local arts and culture evolve with the city.
  • Wo On Lane: How does folk religion blends in the nightlife hotspot of Lan Kwai Fong? Why is a street in Central named after a mistress? And what does that tell us about marriage in Hong Kong?
  • Central Street Market: Walk through Hong Kong’s oldest open market with its 160 years of history facing urban development.
  • The Yu Lan (Hungry Ghosts) Club: Hygiene has always been a big problem in all large cities. See why Hong Kong people are doubly concerned about powdering their noses and pacifying the ghosts.
  • Pak Tsz Lane Park: As the door to China, Hong Kong has brought new ideas to the old dynasty. The city played a pivotal role in China’s revolutions and the founding of Asia’s largest republic.
  • Man Mo Temple: Visit the temple of Scholarship (Man) and Martial (Mo). Also learn how community autonomy started from this small temple.
  • Indians and antiques at Lascar Row: Another heritage of Hong Kong’s colourful diversity. The area is now a hotspot for antiques and second hand goods.

During the tour, you will be offered some light refreshments and tea at some famous local food stalls, including TongButLut (Hong Kong Style Mochi), fresh-pressed sugarcane juice, Chinese dumplings and noodle in soup. These are the 3 most popular street food for locals in Hong Kong, and you now have a chance to try them at food stalls in the city!

Due to different seasonality, 3 light refreshments are subject to change.

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