Attractions in Hong Kong

Do you want to have a broader perspective of Hong Kong? The best way to do that is to engaged in various activities in Hong Kong. This includes visiting different Hong Kong attractions. By the time that your airplane lands in Hong Kong you will realize how exciting adventure awaits you. Whether you are the perennial party animal or you are the laid back kind of visitor, there are several attractions in Hong Kong options for you. There are islands to explore and a lot of activities in Hong Kong. This might just be one of the best times of your life as a tourists. You also have the option to visit other nearby cities as well.

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Attractions for Tourists in Hong Kong

 Hong Kong Park

Don’t be misled by the simple description for one of the top Hong Kong attractions. When glass, concrete becomes overwhelming you can fill your lungs with clean air thanks to this park. This park is both modern and innovative as it blends the landscape naturally to that of modern architecture. You can also visit the Edward Youde Aviary which has pink flamingoes and other species of exotic birds. You can also visit other Hong Kong attractions near this place which includes historical sites like the former British army barracks


Wan Chai District

During the Vietnam war this place has once earn its reputation as part of the red light district and one of the most sought after attractions in Hong Kong however, today it is no longer that because it is now a collection of British pubs, karaoke bars and a multitude number of international restaurants. Although some part of this remains as a red light district area like those in Lockhart and Johnson Road. By day you can also try out other activities in Hong Kong in Wan Chai. By the way Wan Chai is well connected to public transport which means it is easy to travel around

Hong Kong Clock Tower

Another must see attractions in Hong Kong is this 1910 Clock Tower which was originally constructed on the Kowloon rail station. This is the city’s most recognizable landmark just as Big Ben is to London. This is the same clock that makes Mailanders who passed by view this as a symbol of their new life in Hong Kong.

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Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park

Snorkeling has got to be the first activity that comes to mind when visiting one of the favorite Attractions in Hong Kong. Ho Hai Wan is a park with 120 species of coral fishes and other varieties of marine life. If you wish to kayak this is the place to be as well

Hollywood Road

This place is famous for its shopping districts. You will find the best antique shops here. The sidewalks are lined up with all things imaginable. You can also find art galleries in this road. If you don’t have that much cash you can still pick some inexpensive souvenirs on the market near this place.

Multi Day Tours

Some lists for reasons of selecting Hong Kong for a trip are that long. These are people who have been impress during their stay in this city. Hong Kong is an exciting city to visit because it is a city of the past and the present. Its rich history is responsible for the thriving metropolis that is worth more than just a peek. It would take several days to complete your sightseeing. You can always drop by for a visit the next time that you plane to travel. There is plenty of time to participate in festivities in case it is your wish to see one of the most celebrated festivals in Hong Kong.  Once you visit Hong Kong you will be entice to go back for more.