Cheap Flights to Hong Kong

There are reasons why you should visit the World’s Greatest City at the right season. Of course, even at any given time Hong Kong remains an interesting city to visit however, there are periods that are considered the peak season and low season.  There is the balance between the two which is just the right time to go for a visit to this world class city. Fly to Hong Kong and book in advance and you are bound to get the cheapest flight to Hong Kong. The same thing can be said when you book in advance for the place that you will stay, booking before the time will give you big discounts. If you are living on a shoestring budget this would make more sense to you especially if you are itching to go for a holiday where you can let your hair down. Choose your destination and check out the rates. This will depend from which destination you came from and if there are discounts given. Most travelers would settle for finding cheap flights to Hong Kong unless you are a millionaire or have a lot of cash to spare.

Affordable Flights in Hong Kong

 Hong Kong Airlines

Given the distinction of being one of the top three in the Best Regional Airline in Asia.  This clearly shows that you are in good hands. Known for their special offers and other privileges given to members. You get to earn points and redeem awards if you decide to sign up as member. You feel safe because they do send Typhoon alerts and similar need to know significant events that can affect flights. As an act of goodwill Hong Kong Airlines also offers Student Sponsorship Programs and Triumph Sky High Junior Programme. Hong Kong Airlines offers their twice a week direct flight service from Saipan. They also offer their Sweeten Family Up Getaways to Australia campaign. The reward is a free round trip Business Class air ticket to the Gold Coast

Cathay Pacific

You can avail of their Economy trip offer between Bangkok and Hong Kong and get to save a lot of cash. Announcements are made through the upper part of their homepage to inform travelers on Travel Alert. You will receive reminders regarding your flight status via SMS and email. When you book a flight with them you get to enjoy 20 percent discount on Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck. This will allow you to see the amazing view from of the famous tourist attractions in Hong Kong. This is a great idea because it is included in your cost of flying via Cathay Pacific. If you are using your HSBC account you will be rewarded with a complimentary trip to Hong Kong by using your HSBC credit card. This is another Cathay Pacific online booking bonus offer. Cathay Pacific has a wonderful offer if you are in business. You can avail of their MICE Programme where the team behind this program will create tailor made travel solutions connected to Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE)


An annual survey of the world’s biggest airlines has seen the name of this airline added to it in its third year running. One of the reasons is its extraordinary fatality free record in the jet area. You can simply check the ticket prices for Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class on Qantas. Economy Class excludes taxes, fees and carrier. You can book using your debit or prepaid card preferably at least 7 days before your departure. Keep in mind though that you will be charge some fees for other card payments

American Airlines

Starting this September, American Airlines is offering its nonstop service between Los Angeles to Hong Kong through their international aircraft, Boeing 777-300ER. If you are traveling Business class you will get a complimentary food and alcoholic drinks. You get to lie flat while you sleep. You can browse the internet via their International WiFi facility even during your flight. Enjoy Bonus Miles and earn 36,000 total AAdvantage Bonus Miles that will make you eligible for a round trip flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong for a limited time only.


Japan Airlines

Plan your trip by availing of the world’s best international economy seat. No wonder Japan Airlines has received numerous awards for good service. Punctuality is one of their specialties. This simply means there are no delayed flights as much as they can avoid it. Unless it is the elements of the weather that is causing the delayed flight. You can avail of reservation 330 days prior to your departure date. However, round trip fares do not include fuel surcharge, Hong Kong Security Charge and other taxes. Better check these extra fees. They have a new campaign to use multilingual communications for their overseas visitors

Virgin Atlantic

Although this airline might not be as familiar as the other names on the list this does not mean that they do not know how to make good offers for potential passengers like you. Their website is so easy to use and the application form needs no further explanation. Get to join their Flying Club if you travel frequently especially for business. Check out how you can beat the queues. You get to travel effortless. Their extra legroom makes traveling comfortable

If you are wishing for the cheapest flights to Hong Kong you got to connect with the right source. There are actually a lot of airlines that offer their suggestions on how you can avail of cheaper and more affordable flights to Hong Kong are available. This will help you fly to Hong Kong with joy in your hand because you know that you got the best deals. For that star treatment as you fly to Hong Kong avail of the sweetest deals online. These are merely suggestions. Feel free to browse and compare after all that is how you can see which one would give you the best value for your money. Be inspired as you browse through deals that you won’t believe possible because these are the cheapest flight to Hong Kong.