Cheap Hotels in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has flourished for more than 150 years. For just being able to stay strong as a city it would be worth a visit. However, the next question is where to stay if you are on a shoe string budget?  If you don’t believe that there are cheap hotels in Hong Kong you can actually surf the net. Traveling need not be that expensive even in such an elegant city. When it comes to cheap hotels in Hong Kong the best way to know for sure is to check out the various review sites. There are budget hotels in Hong Kong and other kinds of hotel. Boutique Hotels in Hong Kong are for those who would not mind a smaller but, more personalize place to stay.

Budget Hotels in Hong Kong

 Silka Far East Hotel

This is one of the cheap hotels in Hong Kong that gives value for your money. This is one of the best budget hotels in Hong Kong for business and leisure. They offer WiFi access and in-town shuttle bus service. Babysitting services are also available in case you are traveling with your baby. This budget hotel is also in operation in various key cities of the world proving that they were able to expand their business because of their exemplary record in the hotel industry

 9 Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotels in Hong Kong like this one offers you an intimate experience and personalize service. It would be a great place to spend for your honeymoon. This hotel has been in existence in the 1950s and a favorite among famous opera stars because of its Lee Theatre Stage. Each of its rooms has its own story to tell revealing an iconic period that exists more than half a century ago

 Empire Hotels and Resorts

This hotel is situated right in the middle of the Central Business District. It is near where you want to shop and have your entertainment afterwards. Best of all it will not cost and arm and a leg just to stay in this hotel. Whether you are traveling for business or just visiting as a tourist you will find this hotel to fit your every needs/ Embrace its excellent service and get a good value for your money

WiFi Boutique Hotel

This place offers special discounts for advance bookings for as much as 35 percent off. Each of the rooms are tailored fit to suit your needs. It is conveniently located in the heart of Wan Chai. Each of the rooms WiFi access and an air purifier system. All of the amenities that this hotel offers is designed to enhance your stay with them. You can also inquire from them about their early bird promotions or minimum stay promotion discounts. For early bird discounts you can avail from 10 to 35 percent off. As for minimum stay discount you can get from 10 to 25 percent off

Even in the world’s most sophisticated city there exists affordable options. You don’t have to sacrifice quality and comfort if you search in the right places for the best budget hotels in Hong Kong. A good and cheap option is to stay at Boutique Hotels in Hong Kong. These hotels offers simple and clean lodging without bleeding your finances down. With these cheap hotels in Hong Kong you will be able to be right in the heart of this city and yet stay connected to other parts that you wish to visit during your stay. You can even check out live rates just to see the latest offer and discounts. A rule of thumb would be to inquire a few months before your trip and pay in advance because larger discounts are offered this way. It is up to you to choose which one is the best deals for you.