Hong Kong Holidays

Hong Kong although it is close to Mainland China has its own holiday system. Because of British influences and its current status as a special administrative region of China the result is a traditional Chinese festival celebration with some Western festivities thrown in for good measure. Generally, Hong Kong citizens do not work on Sundays which means they add to the large number of those who would celebrate holidays along with tourists like you. There is also an unwritten rule that some institutions close early or do not open at all during these Hong Kong holidays. Beware of the Chinese New Year because some shops and restaurants are close for a few days. On top of this all government offices and banks are close on public holidays in Hong Kong. Otherwise there is really no big issue when you plan to avail of Hong Kong Tour package as long as you do a little bit of research.

Hong Kong Holidays Packages

Sometimes the most common sense booking for a Hong Kong Tour package is to connect with a tour operator that will also book your flight along with it. This will save you from hours and hours of planning for other details for your Hong Kong holidays. After you have made the necessary arrangements you can simply enjoy your Holidays in Hong Kong to the max.

  • British Airways offers its Hong Kong tour package which can land you fantastic deals for your holidays in Hong Kong. After all combining the cost of your flight with the cost of paying for hotel accommodations can guarantee your great savings. You have the choice to pick from their 8,000 hotels. You can even hire a car and earn Avios bonus. They have 25 years of experience in arranging this unforgettable trip for you
  • Flight Centre offers exclusive Hong Kong holidays packages that can help you save on cash. All that you need to do is to talk to their travel expert for insider tips. They can find sweet deals with your favorite airlines and hotels. If you are out of ideas they can make suggestions on other ways you can experience a holiday worth your while
  • Trip Advisor has been offering the best Hong Kong vacation packages. Their site also includes reviews made by real people to help you decide whether a specific package is for you or not. Whether you are planning a romantic vacation or a family trip you can inquire about their all-inclusive holiday package. The process will simplify everything for you and best of all it is that affordable. As a result it would be less worry and more fun for you and those traveling with you
  • Cathay Pacific also offers a similar package to that of British Airways. If you decide to avail of their package you can have your traveling arrangements taken care of which includes the flight and hotel. As a result you are free to explore the sights and have a taste of what Hong Kong has to offer especially during the holidays

Want to experience holidays that you will love? There are four major holidays in Hong Kong that you can select from to have your visit. Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea and patron of fishermen celebrates her birthday on April 17. You will dance with to the beat of the gongs and drums as you watch locals commemorate this special day. From the end of April to second week of May you can decide to drop by for a holiday celebrating with the locals their Cheng Chau Bun festival. A tiny island hosts all of these festivities with their papier mache deities effigies and special baked buns. This has been included in the list of the world’s most quirky festivals. One of the most spiritual and unique festivals is that of Buddha’s birthday which falls on May. Another much revered figure is that of Tam Kung’s birthday which is revered among fishermen. Again this celebration is held in May. These are but some of the celebrations that await you during your next visit to Hong Kong.