Hong Kong Nightlife

For visitors to this popular city the next thing that you would be interested to know is what to do in Hong Kong. If you love to eat, knowing about the best restaurants in Hong Kong is something that you would want to hear. Hong Kong nightlife is synonymous to all night places to be at these unholy hours. Imagine gazing at the harbor or the twinkling lights of the night while you are sipping your drinks or having your dinner in one of the most favorite hang outs in Hong Kong. There is a way to escape traffic when on your way out for the night. The subways and sky bridges are safe for tourists like you.

Hong Kong Events

Best Restaurants in Hong Kong.

This list includes bars and clubs to give you an idea about what to do in Hong Kong. This includes Hong Kong nightlife top favorites among visitors and locals alike


  • Tin Lung Heen. If it is top notch dim sum or a meal that satisfies your palate this is the place to have these
  • Braza Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse Restaurant. This restaurant are for meat lovers. It does not mean that there are no other dishes served though. Since they name their restaurant as steakhouse expect this to be a meat lovers paradise with good service thrown in
  • Amber of the Landmark Mandarin Oriental. This is where you can get a taste of France. As some guests says this restaurant serves exquisite food. The service and ambiance
  • Drop. The name might just be four letters only but, it is definitely Hong Kong’s dance venue to be. Even celebrities visit this place as a testament to its popularity
  • Dragon I. This is the place to be seen that champagne flows and sells in large numbers. The beautiful and rich can be found on this club
  • Tazmania Ballroom. This is not just a dance club but, a lounge for games. Ping pong tables are put in place twice a week

What to do in Hong Kong

The list of things to do in Hong Kong might even exceed the one included in your package. This includes a visit to Ocean Park especially if you love the creatures of the ocean and of course the ocean itself. Ocean Park Hong Kong is not just about fishes alone since it is a theme park with rides and other wild animals. Hong Kong Disneyland is also includes as one of the crowd favorites.  You can actually inquire about special offers for this attraction from your travel operator. Go on a walking tour and explore what the temple street night market has to offer. Good bargains can be found in this market. You can also sample the food sold at the different food stalls. Opera performances are occasionally offered on this market.

By the way, If you like Disneyland so much you can stay in the hotels adjacent to this theme park that includes the following hotels:

  • Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
  • Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

You should have a taste of what Hong Kong Nightlife has to offer if not, you miss a third of your tourist life. Hong Kong nightlife also includes shopping and not just club hopping. Hong Kong people are considered to be remarkable and you can get to know them better. There is something new that you can learn on an everyday basis while you go for a visit to this bustling city. This has been dubbed as the fragrant harbor and get to know it more intimately why it was given this pet name. These are but some of the reasons why you need to visit one of the world’s greatest city.