Hong Kong Small-Group Hiking Tour: From Modern City to Ancient Village

Hong Kong Small-Group Hiking Tour: From Modern City to Ancient Village

If you are interested in some great Hiking & Camping in Hong Kong, try taking Hong Kong Small-Group Hiking Tour: From Modern City to Ancient Village

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The average duration for Hong Kong Small-Group Hiking Tour: From Modern City to Ancient Village is 10 hours and cost $500 HKD (Hong Kong Dollars)
The overall rating of Hong Kong Small-Group Hiking Tour: From Modern City to Ancient Village is stars.
In this small group hiking tour of Hong Kong, you will explore nature, culture and food all together. The hiking trail brings you to a historical hidden monastery, plus summitting for panoramic view of Hong Kong and Islands. You will also embrace the culture from centuries-old villages, ancient temple and god-house. What’s more, on this tour you will get to enjoy authentic Hong Kong style breakfast and afternoon tea at local cha chaan teng (tea restaurant).

Order the “Breakfast A with hot milk tea” like a local; Fill your tummy before the adventure with a Hong Kong style full breakfast at local cha chaan teng (tea restaurant). Afterwards, a public transport ride will then bring us to the starting point of the ramble – Discovery Bay.

Soon after we hit the trail, ahead of us is Nim Shue Wan Village – the shore-side village scatted with quaint cottages and small farmlands. Follow the path into the tree and wood, welcome us next is the “spiritual & religious journey” along the up-curved path. Found on some trees on both sides 14 wooden crosses and pictures of Christ, representing the station of the cross – simple, yet divine. Continue on the path will find Our Lady of Joy Monastery or The Trappist Monastery, where you can experience how Eastern and Western architecture meets in religion. There was once a dairy factory here and it is where the local brand “Trappsit Dairy” was founded.

Summiting the peak after a long steep staircase is the wide open lookout platform, offering you a breath-taking panoramic view of Hong Kong and Islands. After a thousand stair-steps downhill, we will finally reach Mui Wo with shaking feet. A tasty lunch will help getting you refreshed and ready for the exploration at Mui Wo. Shuttle between old cottages, listen to the running creek, peek into ancient temple and god-house, wander around this little town for its rural beauty. Last, but not least, to relax & chill yourself out at the 20M tall blissful waterfall.

Tour ends here and guests are encouraged to stay behind to enjoy the sunset view and seafood dinner before returning to city.

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