Hong Kong Small-Group Hiking Tour: Life of Local Communities Beneath the Kowloon Peak

Hong Kong Small-Group Hiking Tour: Life of Local Communities Beneath the Kowloon Peak

If you are interested in some great Hiking & Camping in Hong Kong, try taking Hong Kong Small-Group Hiking Tour: Life of Local Communities Beneath the Kowloon Peak

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The average duration for Hong Kong Small-Group Hiking Tour: Life of Local Communities Beneath the Kowloon Peak is 9 hours and cost $500 HKD (Hong Kong Dollars)
The overall rating of Hong Kong Small-Group Hiking Tour: Life of Local Communities Beneath the Kowloon Peak is stars.
Join us on this small group hiking tour of Hong Kong, you will explore nature, culture and food all together beneath the Kowloon Peak. Hiking trail that leads you to the peak of Kowloon Peninsula, enjoy a surrounding view of the city from the mountain top. Heritage walk give you true experience of local’s daily life. Enjoy authentic Hong Kong style breakfast at local cha chaan teng (tea restaurant) and dine in dim sum.

Meet our guide at Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station and start our small group hiking tour: life of local communities beneath the Kowloon Peak. Revel in a breath-taking view of Hong Kong at the peak of Kowloon Peninsula. Dive into the life of locals, though visiting traditional communities.

Our journey begins at the end of the ‘rainbow’, Choi Hung Estate, which literally means rainbow in Chinese. Painted in the vibrant colors of the rainbow, the buildings of the estate surely live up to its name. As one of the first developed public estates in Hong Kong, Choi Hung Estate boasts of a 50-year-old heritage, and it is certainly a window to the lives of the local communities. Its elderly residents, coupled with the mystic presence of old shops, will take visitors back in time, to a more primitive and nostalgic side of Hong Kong. After enjoying a traditional breakfast at a local café, we will be free to wander through this colorful estate before embarking on the next part of our journey Kowloon Park.

Though the first part of the climb up consists mostly of stairs, hikers will not be disappointed when they reach the stunningly scenic summit. From afar, the glistening pier of Sai Kung can be seen. Its beauty only matched by the view of Kowloon below the summit, a sea of vivid green mountains, which include the iconic Lion Mountain, aptly named for its appearance of a crouching lion.

The journey down the mountain is a steeper and more adventurous one, which may require the use of all four limbs. Leaving the mountain takes us to Wong Tai Sin City, renowned for its Taoist Temple. But first, we will fill our bellies with Chinese delicacies known as dim sum at a local restaurant, ‘Cha Lau’. Our last stop, Wong Tai Sin Temple, is home to legendary Master Wong Tai Sin, who is said to be capable of granting one’s wish upon request. So why not try out some Chinese stick prediction, to see what the future holds?

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