Hong Kong Tourist Spots

For tourist like you this city has a lot to offer. With scenic islands, tranquil seascapes and a shopping establishments Hong Kong can be the perfect getaway for you. From the right source like http://u.tours you will be able to get insider’s guide to Hong Kong that includes Touristic Places in Hong Kong. You can divide your time to visit each of the Hong Kong Tourist spots. It would be a good idea to check out the most popular choices since they would not rank as such if they did not manage to win the hearts of those who seek the most visited Hong Kong Tourist spots.

Tourist Places to Visit in Hong Kong

 Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

This is the best place to see the city and gaze at the colors that makes this island spectacular. This is also one of the best Hong Kong Tourist spots to watch the Symphony of Lights. The Promenade is also close to such Touristic Places in Hong Kong such as Hong Kong Space Museum, Museum of Art, Cultural Centre and the Avenue of Stars

Happy Valley Racecourse

The British has relinquish its rule of Hong Kong to its citizens in 1997 but, there are cultural vestiges that remain. This sport can trace back its history in 1841 when it was the favorite pastime of the city’s elite and rich. Today, it is no longer for the moneyed crowd alone because even the average Hong Kong resident can place a bet so can you. Racing season starts from September until July of the following year. Most races are done during Wednesday nights. In this place you can learn more about its history by heading towards the Hong Kong Club Archive and Museum. Skeletons of winning horses of the past are on display making this a very weird yet interesting Touristic Places in Hong Kong

Jade Market

Real jade is associated with long life and purity. Locals wear jade pendants and amulets on their birthday. If you see that a jade cracks this means bad luck was averted because this precious stone has taken the bad luck away from you. There are at least 400 stalls selling all different kinds of Jade trinkets such as bangles, earrings and rings. If you are not sure that you are buying a real jade don’t invest on expensive pieces. It is okay to purchase some pieces to take home as souvenir giveaways for your friends and family back home. However, if you are good at knowing the real deal you can be the next proud owner of the best jade in Hong Kong

Precious Lotus Monastery

The famous Big Buddha can be found in Lantau Island. This monastery is one of the most important Hong Kong tourist spots and not a lot of visitors know this for a fact. Even if the monastery was established in 1906, it was not until 1933 when this place became famous for the Buddha statue. You can start the cable car to see this statue and gaze at the South China Sea

Locals and experience travelers would agree that Hong Kong is an amazing place to visit not just for its Hong Kong Tourist spots alone. It is an expensive place to live in though. You have to be super rich to be able to buy a decent apartment. The good news is that this is why you can go for a visit instead of owning properties on this island. There are a lot of reasons why Hong Kong tourist spots has captured the hearts of all kinds of visitors from around the world including you. Once you got a taste of these Hong Kong Tourist spots there is no turning back you are won over for life.