Hong Kong Tours

If you want to experience Hong Kong like never before it is the right time to do so. Asia’s World City has surpass Singapore and Tokyo in terms of being Asia’s financial and tourist capital. Whether this claim to be the World City is true or not you can definitely have a great time roaming its streets to get a taste of this world class destination. Before you go on your Hong Kong tours you can shop in Hong Kong. One thing that you need to remember is to think that Hong Kong is a free port. This simply means there are no import tariffs and sales tax on products. One of the Hong Kong attractions is that it is a gigantic duty free shop. Experience life literally at the top during your stay in this city. Roll up your sleeves and make a good plan where you wish to go on this trip to Hong Kong.

Experience Hong Kong

 Hong Kong Tour of the Island via Ding Ding Tram

This double decker tram maybe a public transportation system however, this offers a modern and an efficient way of traveling the island on street level. This public transport has been ferrying passengers of Hong Kong in 1904

 Tai O

Within an hour from Hong Kong lies this stilted fishing village. This was once the home of people who lived in junk boats. This can be a part of your Hong Kong Tours just inquire from your travel operator. Tai O is a place that you can visit if you wish to partake dried fish and shrimp paste of which this village is famous for. Locals also offer an excursion and maybe a glimpse of the elusive pink dolphin. Here is where you will witness a slower pace of life as you munch on street foods. No wonder this village is one of the top favorites among Hong Kong attractions


This is where you can experience the abundance of things to eat and buy trinkets on this busy street market. The buzzing neon lights and sidewalks filled to the brim with people can overwhelm the senses but, this is 100 authentic Hong Kong. For inexpensive street shopping this so called Ladies’ Market is popular not just with the ladies alone

 Tin Hau Temple

There are over 70 temples dedicated to the goddess of the sea. It would be a great idea to take plenty of pictures inside of them. The oldest one is located at Joss House Bay built in 1266. This temple is also considered to be the most sacred. The temple in Causeway Bay is known for its interesting architecture

As they say if you have not been to Hong Kong you have never been to Asia. As you avail of the various Hong Kong Tours you will see that this city has not lost its heritage. You can witness in person how even if this is a modern city there are still traces of the old Hong Kong in the different Hong Kong attractions that you get to visit in your Hong Kong tour. Picture this, witnessing sweeping vistas, clear blue waters, mountainside trails along the ocean and white sand beaches. You might even be lucky to see a waterfall. Experience long partying nights when you visit Lan Kwai Fong or Wan Chai. You are lucky enough to experience this Hong Kong Tour because it is the best place to have Sunday brunches and afternoon tea right after a night of party. Whether you wish to dine at a floating restaurant or a quiet lunch or dinner at a quiet fine dining place you can do so when in this city. From the various Hong Kong tours offered you will agree that a visit to Hong Kong offers you the best of both worlds: past and present.