Hong Kong Vacation

If you are going to spend your Hong Kong holidays in this wonderful city you better check out the insider’s guide. If you do your homework you will get the best deals on your Hong Kong vacation package. You will know the best places to stay, shop and drink. This city is a fascinating mixture of Feng Shui, finance, trams and temples. If you love eating you will eat the best food in this part of Asia. Its British influences have produce a city with Western influences. It is a joy to explore every corner. Some tourists say that this city is addictive. When you are hook you are hook forever. When you are about to leave for home your first though would be when you can plan for the next visit. This is how alluring Hong Kong is to tourists.

Vacation Packages to Hong Kong

  • Los Angeles- Hong Kong Vacation Package – The average amount for a five nights stay at a good hotel that includes the cost for your airfare is around $5,905. Each airfare ticket is worth $1,400 each for two and it makes sense to buy this package for your Hong Kong vacation because with just a little amount it looks like you get the hotel for free
  • Priceline Bookings – You got to save as much as $500 when you book your hotel and flight together. This is how it works. You choose the exact hotel by browsing through the description with accompanying photos. Next, choose your exact flight after you see airlines and the respective schedule. You can actually choose good deals even when you have to make these at last minute
  • Fanling Packages at Travelocity – Get outside of the usual schedule that you are keeping and travel to a new destination. Get to choose the right Hong Kong vacation packages that are must see attractions from the hotels that you can stay, places to dine at and other activities that you get to do all in one package. Since all of your travel arrangements are bundled in one convenient package it would be less strenuous to place these Hong Kong holidays. By the way the package includes: airfare, hotels, car rentals and entertainment. This will make you save almost a fortune on your travel. You can reserve at a hotel near the city’s popular attractions or shopping district
  • Asian destinations in one package – There are Hong Kong holidays that can be planned that gives you not just Hong Kong alone but, other two more Asian cities. Some packages includes Bangkok and Singapore. After spending time in visiting the famous landmarks in Hong Kong you can jump on a plane and fly to Bangkok to experience colorful and exotic days in this country. Just when you think you have picked the right one here comes the next plane ride to Singapore this time. This ultra-modern city has its soaring skyscrapers and much more. Think of this package as your 3-in-1 special where you got not just one juicy deal but, three for a price a little bit more one

The best time to visit Hong Kong is during the cool and dry season from October to December. Part of January is still a good place to come for a visit to this city. Better make your plans based on this to make it the best experience that you will ever have as a tourists. Before you avail of the Hong Kong vacation package you need to take note of what particular month you wish to travel. You must also take note of the major holidays before you finalize the specific dates for this Hong Kong vacation. There are certain periods when tourists are spending their Hong Kong holidays all at the same time. With its impressive skyline and round the clock energy vibe you will definitely enjoy your holidays in this city.