Hong Kong Weather

When it comes to the most conducive time to visit Hong Kong it would be from October to December. This is the right weather in Hong Kong when the temperature is at its best and the hotels offer their most reasonable prices. After New Year’s Day, tourist season starts to dramatically pick up even if the temperature are lower. As a result the hotel prices go up. The short spring is also another great time to visit Hong Kong. Surprisingly, even with the high temperature in Hong Kong because of the summer season it remains a popular time for tourist to flock in this city. You would assume that in such Hong Kong Weather that is both stiflingly hot and humid that no tourist would be brave enough to visit Hong Kong however, as previously mentioned tourist do not mind the hot weather in Hong Kong. It is also during Chinese National holidays and large conventions when the prices for hotel accommodations soar high.

Hong Kong Weather in January

 This is the coldest month in Hong Kong when the weather in Hong Kong becomes dry and mild. However, this makes it easy for you to sight see. If you suffer from pollen allergy it is during this month when many species of flowers are in bloom. You can either use a mask or take some anti-allergy medication. This is also the best time to shop because of the abundance of lai see or lucky money which is given out during the Chinese New Year celebrations. Shop at Causeway Bay and Mong Kok for the best deals

Hong Kong Weather in February

The temperature in Hong Kong is great which makes this month a pleasant time to pursuit outdoor activities. The Spring Festival is usually held during this month. This is the greatest and longest holiday festival and generally celebrated for 3 days. You can watch the Chinese New Year Parade in Tsim Sha Tsui Street. There are impressive fireworks display on Victoria Harbor. Chinese New Year horse races take place during this festival. You can hike for several minutes on the most densely populated place on earth which is known as Dragon’s Back

Hong Kong Weather in March

Hong Kong weather in March is misty and drizzly. However, there are some days when it is dry and the skies are clear. Generally, the weather improves by the end of March. This is the best time to visit Lantau Island with its theme parks, hiking trails and of course its beaches. On days when the skies are clear and the temperature in Hong Kong is at its finest you can try visiting the Kowloon Park with its gardens, aviaries and walking paths

Hong Kong Weather in April

  The cool Hong Kong weather because of the cool spring makes this the ideal month to go for walks to the Victoria Peak. You can also drop by at the Zoological and Botanical Garden in Victoria Peak to see the wonderful gardens and entertaining primates. When the temperature becomes hot you can always head towards the beach. You can swim on Repulse Bay which offers free public beach. The water is clean and the facilities are perfect

Hong Kong Weather in May

 This is another great time to hit the beach. You can catch a Sampan ride around Aberdeen Harbor or explore the botanical gardens if you like fauna. If you are somebody who loves eating you can feast on organic food from the organic farm near the mountains

Hong Kong Weather in June

 Hong Kong weather is hot during this month when you can hike in the mountains or settle for shopping in a market street. If the weather is fine you can drop by and visit the various fine museums spread all throughout this city. This is the month when Hong Kong celebrates its Dragon Boat Festival

Hong Kong Weather in July

 This is considered to be the low season because the weather is not that conducive for traveling. However, because of the Dragon Boat Festival there are still tourists who visits during this time

Hong Kong Weather in August

 This is the rainy and typhoon season when you can take refuge in malls. Discounts and sales are available during this time but, this is the hottest month to shop because of the wet and humid weather. You can still have fun in the beaches though

Hong Kong Weather in September

 The weather during this month is improving. There is an average of 15 days of rain. This is when the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated as the second biggest traditional Chinese festival. The Temple Street is the best place to be during this festival

Hong Kong Weather in October

 The start of the best and most ideal weather condition starts in October. This is when you can watch magical lantern exhibits and carnivals. There are traditional stage shows and many more. The grandest of all celebration is usually held at Victoria Peak

Hong Kong Weather in November

 It is sunny and warm during November. It is also the most ideal time to be outdoors. The clear weather will make you enjoy the bird’s eye view of Victoria Harbor. The peak tram is the most scenic climb towards the peak

Hong Kong Weather in December

 The weather is still at its best during this month. You can joins tens of thousands of tourists and locals headed towards the Avenue of Stars. You can also watch the midnight fireworks display. It is during this month when the city looks stunning because of its twinkling lights and magical displays

Hong Kong does not slow down its pace even through the changing weather conditions. The city is flooded with tourists all participating on October’s festivities when it is the national holiday. Take note though that there are certain months when your picture may not come out perfectly as fog sweeps over the harbor during certain months like March. Seeing the weather for each respective month it is up to you to choose whether you will visit when the weather is at its finest or dare to travel during off peak season when it is cheaper and more affordable. However, you need to compromise because the weather might not cooperate with your plans for the day. The most important thing is to enjoy your visit to this amazing city in Asia.