Private Tour: Chinese Cooking Class in Hong Kong

Private Tour: Chinese Cooking Class in Hong Kong

If you are interested in some great Private Tours in Hong Kong, try taking Private Tour: Chinese Cooking Class in Hong Kong

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The average duration for Private Tour: Chinese Cooking Class in Hong Kong is 3 hours and cost $550 HKD (Hong Kong Dollars)
The overall rating of Private Tour: Chinese Cooking Class in Hong Kong is stars.
Learn the culinary art of Chinese home cooking during a 3-hour private cooking class in Hong Kong. Local instructors teach your private party to whip up authentic Chinese cuisine — from Cantonese dishes to fiery Sichuan favorites — using a variety of ingredients. After cooking a three-course meal from scratch, sit down together and enjoy your tasty dinner. You’ll delight the senses with plates such as pork belly with grated garlic, Kung Pao prawns and delicious dessert!

Meet your expert chef at the cooking studio in Wan Chai, where you’ll learn to whip up some amazing Chinese dishes in a cozy kitchen featuring state-of-the-art equipment. Put on your apron and get elbow-deep in the action as you prepare aromatic soups, fill and fold dumplings, and stir-fry ingredients in a steamy wok. During your 3-hour lesson, you and your friends also create signature sauces that bring all the elements of a dish together.
Home-cooked Chinese cuisine is quite varied, with each region boasting distinctive flavors and cooking styles. Under the guidance of your chef-instructor, discover the diversity of Chinese recipes, cooking methods and ingredients.
Choose one appetizer, one main course and one dessert from a menu (see sample in Itinerary below) that features popular dishes from across the nation.

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