Small-Group Hong Kong Island Food Tour

Small-Group Hong Kong Island Food Tour

If you are interested in some great Food Tours in Hong Kong, try taking Small-Group Hong Kong Island Food Tour

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The average duration for Small-Group Hong Kong Island Food Tour is 4 hours and cost $750 HKD (Hong Kong Dollars)
The overall rating of Small-Group Hong Kong Island Food Tour is 5 stars.
Small group food tour of Hong Kong island. 5 foodie stops in 4 hours. Try authentic Hong Kong yum cha (dim sum), wonton noodle soup, traditionally roasted meat, milk tea and the famous egg tart in local restaurants. Hong Kong food is primarily Cantonese cuisine but with some small key differences which reflect the city’s mixed British and Chinese heritage. On this tour we learn about the history of food in Hong Kong, from the traditional flavor from Guangzhou to the interesting western crossover cuisine that started popping up in the 1950’s as local chefs tried to produce cheap versions of British and Western favourites.

Meet our Hong Kong island food tour guide at 9:30am. We start the day with a traditional dim sum breakfast in an old tea house. We find ourselves transported back to a bygone era as we sample the most authentic dim sum available in Hong Kong. This is the granddaddy of dim sum restaurants, its crowded, its noisy, it has an 85-year history in Hong Kong and the dim sum is still served via trolley service.

Our next stop is a family run wonton noodle shop that dates back to the 1960’s and is recommended by the Michelin Guide. Wonton noodles are a local food specialty, a simple dish but one that only a true master can perfect.

After our second food sampling we take a tea break and try a cup of milk tea, perhaps the most pervasive legacy of British rule. It’s not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but it is a fascinating beverage that Hong Kongers’ love!

After our tea break we travel by Ding Ding (Hong Kong Tramway) to another family run restaurant, which dates back to the Qing Dynasty (pre 1900’s) and is renowned for its char siu, or in English, Roast Meat. Here we sample a mixture of roasted meats, all cooked in the traditional style, served with rice and homemade sauces.

We finish this Hong Kong food tour with a Hello Hong Kong favorite, an egg tart, or in Cantonese – dan tat. This is another Chinese take on an English specialty – the custard tart. Like our other restaurants the bakery we visit has a long history in Hong Kong (60 years) and is a personal favorite of former Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten.

As well as trying the food we learn about the history of the food in Hong Kong as well as the history of the local restaurants we are eating in.

In addition to the restaurants we also visit a local dried seafood shop to take a look at the ingredients that are traditionally used in soups, a Chinese medicine shop originating from 1946 and Hong Kong’s oldest wet market. During our travels between eating points we also discuss some buildings of key historical importance and take a ride on the Ding Ding.

The areas we visit are Sheung Wan, Central and Wan Chai. Tour ends in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong Island. At the end of the tour your guide will explain how to get back to your hotel or give recomendations and directions to another point of interest.

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