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Private Tour: Chinese Cooking Class in Hong Kong

Learn the culinary art of Chinese home cooking during a 3-hour private cooking class in Hong Kong. Local instructors teach your private party to whip up authentic Chinese cuisine — from Cantonese dishes to fiery Sichuan favorites — using a variety of ingredients. After cooking a three-course meal from scratch, sit down together and enjoy your tasty dinner. You’ll delight the senses with plates such as pork belly with grated garlic, Kung Pao prawns and delicious dessert!

Southeast Asian Cooking Class in Hong Kong

Learn how to prepare the fragrant dishes of Southeast Asia while in Hong Kong! Join a professional instructor-chef at a cooking school in Kowloon for a perfect introduction to some of the world’s finest cuisines. Class includes lessons in one of four culinary regions featuring mouthwatering menus, including Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Indian. During your 1.5- to 3-hour class you’ll prepare enough to eat for either lunch or dinner, depending on your selection. Numbers are limited to 12 people, ensuring an intimate experience with a small group of fellow food lovers.

Dim Sum Cooking Class in Hong Kong

While in Hong Kong, learn to make delicious dim sum staples such as bite-sized dumplings, spring rolls and desserts. An expert chef unveils secret recipes and demonstrates how to skillfully combine ingredients before assisting you toward making your own small dishes. In addition to learning traditional culinary skills, put your imagination to use by turning your own creations into cute penguins and lively squid! You’ll make shrimp dumplings, ‘squid’ spring rolls and a ‘penguin’ custard dessert during your hands-on cooking class while chefs add dishes to supplement lunch.

Mediterranean Cuisine in Hong Kong: Private Cooking Class

Delight in good food and great company with this 3-hour cooking class in Hong Kong, where you’ll learn about Hong Kong’s unique take on Mediterranean cuisine! Hong Kong food culture is uniquely dynamic because it’s influenced by cuisines from all over the world, including many Mediterranean countries. During your cooking class, create a three-course meal with two expert, friendly epicureans and discover how to make dishes from Italy, France, Spain and Greece mixed, of course, with a little local Hong Kong flavor. Then, enjoy a dinner party with your group and delight in your delectable creations. Bon appétit!