Things to Do in Hong Kong

There are things to do in Hong Kong and there are ultimate adventures to choose from. Visiting Hong Kong for the first time or seeing it again after a short period of time will make you think which Hong Kong attractions merits your time. This is equally true if you are staying for a short period of time only. The best way to create a Hong Kong Things- to-Do list is by narrowing it down to several more important places. There is a famous saying that goes this way “a New York minute is a Hong Kong second”.  You will often hear this phrase from expats. Hong Kong is a city filled with energy and you will feel this as soon as your plane lands in the Airport. There are countless things to do in Hong Kong and just maybe so little time for you.

Famous Hong Kong Attractions

Victoria Peak

You should include in your Hong Kong Things- to-Do list a visit to this famous peak. In case you re wondering what is all the hype about visiting Victoria Peak the quickest way to reach the peak is riding the Tram. When you reach the top you will see why a visit to this peak should be included in your things to do in Hong Kong list. A single image of this city will be encapsulated in your memory once you reach the peak. Imagine a panorama view that allows you to look down on the city from such high vantage point. You can see not just the skyscrapers but the waterfront as well. The Peak also offers two major leisure shopping centres to cater to the growing number of visitors to this place. This place is also home to key officials of Hong Kong

Junk Boat

Why not spend a day and charter a Junk Boat? Even locals find a trip every weekend on this junk to escape the city. There was once a time when these boats are merely ordinary fishing boats until it was transformed to a motorized water vessel design for your enjoyment. Some of these Junk Boats offer a 7 hour ride that includes food and open bar which can accommodate 14 adults for more than 1 thousand US dollars only. This is a steal and one of the reasons why you should include this in your things to do in Hong Kong

Street Markets

Nothing feels more Hong Kong than joining locals and other tourists as you visit the lively street market like Ladies’ Market which offers 100 stalls that sell clothes and accessories. They also have the Temple Street Night Market which sells you noodles to watches. If you are into antiques you will find it a joy to search for one in Cat Street. If you are into shoes you must head to Fa Yuen Street or the Sneakers Street

Dragon’s Back

Hong Kong might be famous for its skyscrapers and malls however, for those who love nature like you, hike the Dragon’s Back. Have an breathtaking view as you hike on trails covering five country parks on the island. The main highlight would be to reach the Shek O Peak. It would give you the chance to see an amazing 360 degrees view of beaches, bays and the countryside. This hike will also make you see the South China Sea high above. A short version of this hike will be completed in two hours. However, if you want to make it more challenging you can go for six hours as you start from the Happy Valley as you head your way south

Happy Valley Racecourse

It is only during the summer months when you will missed the horses’ race. During Wednesday nights both locals and expats are betting their hearts out on their favorite horse. This is no ordinary racecourse since it feels like a party more than a sporting event. There are even themed nights like Carnival or Oktoberfest where crowds are welcomed to dress accordingly to fit with the theme. For an extra ordinary experience you need to include this place in your must visit places and things to do


Less than an hour from the city center lays the most gorgeous beaches in this side of Hong Kong. You can reach these beaches via taxi, boat or public transportation. Since there are different beaches you can choose several ones according to what you want. If you are a surfer or party animal there is a beach waiting for you. Shek O is one of the most popular choices. Other choices would be Repulse Bay. There are even secluded beaches like Tai Wan Long. This beach is said to be the most beautiful one in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland

You can either stay at the hotel or visit the Disneyland in Hong Kong. This is for the kid in you. There are actually shows that will fit your taste as an adult like those that you see in Broadway. This is one of the largest theme parks in this side of Asia. Since Disney does not want to have conflicts on cultural problems they have incorporated the culture and customs of the Chinese while designing this resort which makes it different from other Disneyland resorts in America and other parts of the world. You can say that it is uniquely Hong Kong

Visiting the famous Hong Kong attractions are experiences that you should not miss. However, with such a short time it is really impossible to do everything. Always consult your Hong Kong Things-to-Do list so that you will cover everything. Don’t kick yourself just in case you were not able to visit all of the places in this city. There is always a next time. One of the things that you can be sure of is having your senses experience what it has never experienced before. Everywhere you look is breathtaking. Even the hotel where you are staying may just give you the view of this city on one of the higher floors. Even if your hotel is not that tall enough you can always see Hong Kong from different perspective from the places that you have been. As visitors say when you visit Hong Kong it will leave a mark that you will never forget.