Viator Exclusive: Lantau Island Sunset Tour Plus Airport Express and MTR

Viator Exclusive: Lantau Island Sunset Tour Plus Airport Express and MTR

If you are interested in some great Viator Exclusive Tours in Hong Kong, try taking Viator Exclusive: Lantau Island Sunset Tour Plus Airport Express and MTR

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The average duration for Viator Exclusive: Lantau Island Sunset Tour Plus Airport Express and MTR is 5 hours 30 minutes and cost $925 HKD (Hong Kong Dollars)
The overall rating of Viator Exclusive: Lantau Island Sunset Tour Plus Airport Express and MTR is 4.5 stars.
Experience Hong Kong and neighboring Lantau Island with this one-day travel pass and tour combo — it’s a Viator Exclusive package that can’t be booked anywhere else! Take advantage of round-trip Airport Express tickets and a one-day MTR (Mass Transit Railway) pass to use at your leisure. In the midafternoon, arrive at the Ngong Ping Cable Car station for a ride to Lantau Island. On the island, enjoy a guided tour that includes a boat trip to the fishing village of Tai O, a stroll through Ngong Ping Village, and dinner at Tai O Heritage Hotel. Bonus: During your visit to the island, you’ll even catch a beautiful sunset.

Please note: Ngong Ping Cable Car service will close for scheduled maintenance from Monday 14th to Sunday 20th March 2016.

Collect your round-trip Airport Express and one-day MTR passes at the Hong Kong International Airport. Use your Airport Express ticket to head into the city. You might start your outing at the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier, where you can pick up your Ngong Ping Cable Car ticket that you’ll use to get to your guided Launtau Island tour in the afternoon.

Hong Kong is at your fingertips with your one-day pass on the MTR. The transport system features trains, a light rail system and feeder buses that cover Hong Kong’s major districts across 10 different rail lines. Don’t worry about waiting in line for a ticket: Find the boarding area of the line you want, swipe your card, and jump on your transport of choice. The pass is valid for a full 24 hours after first use. For the first half of the day, you will explore sights on your own.

In the afternoon, make your way back to the Tung Chung Cable car terminal for a ride to Lantau Island. Simply present your voucher at the ticket office.

Take off in a cable car that glides along Asia’s longest bi-cable ropeway. Enjoy 360-degree views of rolling grasslands, boundless blue sky and the South China Sea from a standard cabin. Alternatively, upgrade to a crystal cabin that features a glass floor.

Arrive at Ngong Ping Village to meet your guide for your 5.5-hour tour in the late afternoon. Start by visiting two major pilgrimage spots for local Buddhists: the Big Buddha (aka the Giant Buddha or Tian Tan Buddha) and Po Lin Monastery, Hong Kong’s largest temple.

Next travel via boat to Tai O, Hong Kong’s oldest fishing village. During the 15-minute ride, enjoy charming views of stilt houses along the banks of Tai O’s waterways; an up-close look at the General’s Rock; and, if you’re lucky, a glimpse of Chinese pink dolphins.

Take a brisk walk around the community of Lantau before dinner at the Tai O Heritage Hotel. The 1902 building houses the Tai O Lookout, a glass-roofed restaurant. Delight in your authentic meal as you peer out at woodlands and the South China Sea. Depending on the season, you might even catch a sunset reflecting on the water. After dinner, your guide takes you to Cheung Sha, Hong Kong’s longest beach, for stargazing.

Your tour ends with a return coach ride back to Tung Chung, where you can continue to revel in the sleepless city. When your Hong Kong trip comes to an end, use your Airport Express ticket to get back to the airport.

Please note: Click ‘View Additional Info’ for details on where to pick up your Airport Express Pass.

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